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Will You Join me in Bionic Vitality?

Hi, I'm Dr. John Sottery.  

I am a scientist that believes that "aging normally" is a disaster.  And I teach you how to take advantage of incredible scientific breakthroughs, so that you are empowered to enhance your healthvitality, and appearance — and minimize your risk of chronic disease.

I am obsessed with tracking down the best science and making it...

(1) Easy for you to understandand 

(2) Simple for you to implement.

I know that the health research area can be incredibly complex and confusing.  And I want to be your strategic guide, so you (and your Doctor) can make all the right moves.

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Let me be your "guide" to outrageous health and vitality – based on the latest and best science.

I am a 60 year old Scientist, and in my early 40's – I sacrificed my health in pursuit of professional success.  

Each year, I had to push myself harder and harder to do the things that were once easy for me.  I knew that I could not continue down that path. 

I ended up suffering from several heath crises that were a huge wake up call for me.  However, I made the decision that I wasn't willing accept this decline.

I had to understand what was happening to me at a "root-cause" (molecular) level – and then take proactive steps (based on the best science) to restore my health and vitality.

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Now, from my deep scientific training (Ph.D. Duke University) – and my 30 years focused on the medical and longevity research – I KNOW what is possible.  And I want to share my best strategies with you!

Let me be your "health guide" to the best science, strategies and supplements.  I want to educate and empower you – so you can collaborate beautifully with your personal physician – and proactively improve your vitality and your health destiny.

Yes, I want Dr John to be my "Strategic Advisor" for Vibrant Health

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(successful entrepreneur)


Bionic Vitality is for you if...

  • You are a man or woman over 40
  • You find it more difficult to really "bring it" (like you used to) in business and in your life 
  • You feel overwhelmed by the thousands of supplements available – and all the contradictory health recommendations that you get bombarded with each week
  • You want to return to your ideal weight, feel better, have more youthful vitality – and healthy, glowing skin
  • You refuse to just "age normally" like your parents generation, and have your quality-of-life slowly ravaged by mitochondrial disfunction and chronic disease
  • You find the health area to be incredibly complex – and you can't spend hundreds of hours each year staying up to date on the latest medical research and scientific discoveries
  • You need a trusted advisor to answer your Health, Nutrition and Supplement questions. Someone that is on your side – and is not trying to sell you anything

My Bionic Vitality program is for you – if you want to BE PROACTIVE and DO SOMETHING (research based) – instead of just surrendering to "aging normally" and the nightmare of chronic disease. 

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I'm Dr. John Sottery

Through live presentations each month I share the results of my passion and scientific training to help you understand and deal with the root causes of cellular disfunction and aging.

I am not a medical doctor and I am not giving medical advice.  Instead, I study the latest peer-reviewed research articles and I follow a number of the top researchers around the world.  I focus on the science and strategies that help slow the aging process and restore vibrant health and vitality.

I have seen my parents and their friends struggle with (and accept) aging and chronic disease.  And the pain of watching my late parents deal with chronic disease, cancer, and the side-effects of their treatments, drove me to dig into the scientific research and understand what is happening at a root-cause level.  I also realized that (while they generate billions of dollars in revenue) drugs generally treat the symptoms of metabolic dysfunction and do not cure metabolic disease

Join me each month as I share advanced health strategies along with the latest breakthroughs in health, vitality and longevity.  I want to empower you to have intelligent, informed, and research-backed conversations with your personal physician.  So that YOU – in collaboration with your personal physician – can proactively take steps to improve your vitality and change your health destiny.

Take a few seconds – and think about how much more you ENJOY YOUR LIFE when you are FEELING GREATšŸ’„!  You will be amazed at what is possible.  I am so excited be your "health guide" to the best science, strategies and supplements.  

I can't wait to watch YOU transform YOUR vitality and YOUR health!  

See you on the inside!  


FOUNDING MEMBERS get 68% OFF the regular price for as long as you are a member.

Yes, I want better Health + VitalityšŸ’„!
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Dr. Sottery is one of the experts featured in the recently launched PBS Special "Life 201"—currently airing at Public Television stations across the United States.


Dr. John Sottery is a Ph.D. Scientist and is not a medical doctor — and he is not providing medical advice on any health condition.  This website and this program were created by The Sottery Group LLC and all of the information that they contain and reference is general health information, and is for your education only.  The opinions, ideas and suggestions contained in this website and program are not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from your doctor (or health care provider) for any health condition or problem.  Users of this website should not rely on the information provided for their own health problems.  Any questions regarding your own health should be addressed to your own physician.  Please do not start or stop any medications, or make any changes to your diet and/or supplements without first consulting with your doctor.  We NEVER encourage you to do so, nor can we be held responsible for the consequences of failing to seek the counsel of a medical health practitioner.

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